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Cryptocurrency Wallets

Best Crypto WalletsUsing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency is all over the news and the Internet, especially since a few early adopters struck gold with Bitcoin. Everyone is wondering how it works and whether they should think about adding cryptocurrency to their financial strategy. It is a little more complicated than your typical financial transaction, and it involves the use of a tool known as a cryptocurrency wallet. This guide will help you get started using a crypto wallet so you can conduct cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency wallets are methods of storing private and public keys used in cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as connecting the user to blockchain. Using the wallet, you can send and receive cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and track your exchanges.

How It Works

When you think of a wallet, you think of the cash stored in a person’s purse or pocket. Crptocurrency wallets don’t work that way. None of your money is actually stored within the wallet. Even the cryptocurrency itself isn’t a tangible thing. What it does contain is all of the information you need regarding your cryptocurrency transactions.

The software of cryptocurrency wallets allows you to store your public and private keys (numbers used to link transactions), check on your currency balances, send currency and receive currency. Basically, people are trading cryptocurrency using the wallet’s connection to blockchain. The keys you store within the wallet are the identifying numbers used to match cryptocurrency to your wallet. If someone sends you currency, the key used must match your wallet’s key for it to appear.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Bitcoin LogoYou have several options when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets. Which works best for your needs will depend a lot on your lifestyle and security preferences. Do you want access while you’re on the go or do you feel safer keeping your cryptowallet at home on your desktop? The primary options you have are software, hardware and paper.

Software wallets: Software wallets are installed on your desktop, laptop, mobile device or online. You can only access a “desktop” wallet via the PC or laptop on which you downloaded it. This is best if you have a highly secure machine. Online wallets are stored on the cloud, which allows you to access them anywhere. However, they’re only as secure as the third party running them. Mobile wallets are handy if you want to use them on the go. However, they are only as secure as your mobile device and passwords.

Hardware wallets: Hardware wallets are stored on hardware. This allows you to store all of your information offline, and you can plug in your hardware to any compatible device. Stealing your cryptocurrency becomes harder for anyone who can’t physically get hold of the hardware storing your wallet.

Cold Storage:  Cold storage wallets are like hardware wallets such as Ledger, but according to BestCryptos they are offline and using include security.

Paper wallets: Paper wallets can be one of two things. The term can refer to an actual paper copy of public and private keys. It can also refer to software that generates keys for printing. They offer more security than wallets stored online.


While cryptocurrency isn’t real currency, it still has monetary value. Therefore, people will try to steal it. The security of your wallet is important, which is why you have to choose the right type of cryptocurrency wallet for your needs. You get more security from an offline wallet than you do from an online wallet. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in online storage to access cryptocurrency. Without getting their hands on a physical copy of an offline wallet, they can’t hack into it.

You also have the option of storing some cryptocurrency online and some offline. Store the bulk of your currency in a very secure setting offline. Store a smaller amount, such as the amount you would use for online shopping, online. Make sure you backup your offline wallet like any other important financial information, as viruses and computer failures can damage the information. Also remember that software updates often fix vulnerabilities, so keep your software, both for your device and for the wallet, up to date.

You don’t have to rely solely on the security of the wallet you are using to secure your cryptocurrency. Using multisignature wallets and two-factor authentication adds extra layers of security to your storage. You should also use long, complex passwords that are easy for you to remember. Try using a nonsense sentence, complete with punctuation, spaces and at least one numeral.

Storing Multiple Cryptocurrency Types

You’re more likely to be storing Bitcoin than any other cryptocurrency. However, you may prefer to spread your transactions out across multiple currencies. You can find wallets that support multiple cryptocurrencies, so that you don’t have to have one for each type you trade.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are usually part of trading cryptocurrencies. However, you get to choose how much you are willing to pay. You may even pay nothing at all. Just remember that the lower your transaction fee, the longer it may take for it to complete. If you need your bitcoin right away, you may have to set your fee higher. If you can wait longer, set it lower and save small amount of money. Cryptocurrency transaction fees are quite low compared to bank fees.


One of the things that often comes up when discussing cryptocurrency is identity protection. There is a rumor that wallets are completely anonymous, protecting criminals and leaving no trail back to the owner of the currency. That’s not quite true. Your wallet doesn’t necessarily have your identity linked to it, but your transactions are all public record. Savvy individuals can trace your wallet and transactions back to you. If you’re interested in complete anonymity, look into the DarkWallet project. It’s focus is finding methods to make it harder to track bitcoin transactions back to their originators.





May 11, 2018

Buy Dodge Coin


Learn How to Buy Dogecoin


Dodgecoin Image LogoDOGE coin continues to gain traction as an attractive crypto option. To this day, DOGE enjoys a vibrant online community and an enthusiastic fan base. It’s predominantly the crypto of choice for many for contributing to crowdfunding efforts and tipping content creators.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, DOGE transactions are person-to-person, without passing through the banks, making it appealing to hobbyists who want to grow their investment portfolio securely and without the paper trail.

DOGE has a friendly monetary policy that allows you to buy as many coins as possible. At first, the DOGE cap was at 100 billion coins, but the developers soon eliminated it just a few months after its launch.

Each year, the software continues to release 5 billion DOGE into the crypto market. BY February 2018, there was more than 113 billion DOGE mined on the software. Here are some commonly asked questions about DOGE.

Why Buy DOGE?

For starters, DOGE lets you experiment with crypto trading without committing too much of your financial resources. Thanks to the easy-to-use features, you and your friends can understand cryptocurrency better.

You can also use DOGE to reward content creators for their content creations that you love to watch. And what’s more, you can buy or sell goods and services using DOGE.

Where Can I Buy DOGE?

You can buy DOGE coin cryptocurrency through a secure and trusted global exchange such as Kraken, Coinbase, Coinex, Binance and others. The Kraken exchange platform offers the lowest fees in the market. And if you should lose your DOGE private key, the Kraken software can help you recover your funds securely.

Kraken lets you execute large DOGE buy orders, but you can also buy DOGE on a budget. It offers a minimum order of 50 DOGE to expose you to various assets before you can scale up your crypto investment.

How Can I Buy DOGE?

Buying DOGE is an easy and secure process. Follow these four steps to buy DOGE from your crypto wallet.

1. Sign up for an Account

First, you need to sign up for a Crypto Exchange account. Create a username and use a strong password to secure your account.

2. Verify Your Account

You can buy as much DOGE using another crypto such as LTC or DASH after providing your name, contact details, date of birth, and country of residence. You will need to provide further supporting documents to use fiat currency- USD or EUR.

3. Fund your Kraken Account

You can use a unique reference number to transfer funds from your bank account to Kraken through a bank transfer. The platform supports various currencies- USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, and JPY. You can also click on your local currency for specific deposit options.

4. Purchase DOGE

Now that you have funds in your wallet, you can buy DOGE! A premium account gives you access to 24/7 global client support, advanced charting tools, and the ability to utilize margin trading that gives you more complex active trading strategies and the opportunity to earn more than 5x.

Where Can I Store my DOGE?

While Kraken is secure, it’s much safer to store your DOGE in a wallet. The wallet is a hardware device you keep or software that securely saves the private and public keys you will require to make crypto transactions. You don’t want this information falling into the wrong hands.

Hardware wallets securely and remotely store your access keys in the long term, while web and mobile wallets make your daily DOGE transactions easy.

You can readily retrieve these keys when you want to make a DOGE transaction from your wallet. To find a wallet that fits your needs, decide what you plan to do with your DOGE tokens.