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jack dorsey Bitcoin exchange resignation

tbDEX Decentralized Exchange

jack dorsey Bitcoin exchange resignationUsing GitHub as their medium, payments titan Square recently published a white paper about a new decentralized tool for trading assets. Now referred to as tbDEX, the platform will use verifiable credentials and decentralized identity to establish trust. In the white paper, one of the team’s developers asserts that the project’s goal is to encourage an environment in which regular people reap the rewards of cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey, expressed a few months ago that he was interested in building a platform for a decentralized BTC exchange. This open developer project would be propelled by TBD, which is a new department at Square that is specializing in DeFi (decentralized finance).

The person at the helm of this new project is Mark Brock. On Twitter, Brock revealed that his ultimate goal is to create a decentralized exchange that deals in regular currency. Brock believes that the best means to this end is a non-custodial wallet. Using this wallet in conjunction with BTC off-ramps, users would be able to freely exchange and transfer funds. All along the way, the Square team has indicated that they are very interested in user participation during the course of this new payments project; this is why the white paper was published on GitHub in the first place.


Download the tbDEX Whitepaper here

Coinex Cet Dividends

Trade Driven Mining

CET Holders- Long-Term Plan For Allocation Of Dividends

Attention Users Of CoinEx,


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During the time period of our “Trade-Driven Mining”, our company plans to give back 80-percent of the revenue we receive from the transaction fees back to our CET holders in the form of dividends. Once the mining period is officially finished, the full amount of 50-percent of the free allocation of the CET supply is going to be distributed out. In order to guarantee that the development of CET stays sustainable for our holders, we have decided to opt for a long-term plan of dividend allocations. This means that our CET holders will begin receiving their dividends each time after the end of a “Trade-Driven Mining” period is over. Eighty-percent of our revenue will go back to our holders and the rest of the 20-percent is going to be used for the purpose of continuously developing CoinEx and paying for day-to-day operations.

These Are The Following Arrangements:

1. Ratio Allocation- At least 80-percent of total revenue from CoinEx will be given back to the CET holders each period as dividends.
2. Frequency- The dividends will be given out to CET holders each month.
3. Allocation- 80-percent of total revenue will be used for the repurchasing of CET from a secondary market. The purchase will then be allocated to each qualified CET holder in a proportionate amount. For those that have CET holdings with CoinEx, your dividend allocations are going to be put directly into your current account. If you do not have a CoinEx account, your dividends will be sent to your specific wallet address. Additionally, the 50-percent from CoinEx’s team will also be available for the allocation of dividends as well.

The next step will be the cancelling of current policies in order to repurchase. The repurchase will be used to burn CET using the revenue of the 20-percent monthly transaction fees.

Note: This allocation plan goes into affect each month once the mining period officially ends. Please pay attention to further announcements on the subject.